Protection of the deposit for only € 6,50 per booking day.*

An accident with damage to the rental vehicle is always annoying. If then also, the deposited € 1,500, – deposit is completely or partially gone, then it’s really stupid.

Our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung cannot compensate you for the lost vacation enjoyment, but we can compensate you for the financial damage.

The ERGO travel insurance reduces the contractually owed deductible in case of theft, accident in public traffic, damage by vandalism or damage by attempted theft to EUR 250,- deductible.

In addition, many other eventualities are covered. Please inform yourself about this by clicking on the ? Icons in the booking process of the insurance booking, or just ask us.

* Deductible EUR 250,-.

Bavarian Camper GbR is a pure agent of this, highly recommended, offer. Therefore, the conditions of ERGO insurance apply. The link to this can be found in the form.